Friday, 22 August 2014

To my second home once again ^^

Heading out for the airport in a few hours! Yep!! Tonight is the night ^^ Will be back on 21 Sep. I will be mainly in Seoul for this trip, taking up a 3 weeks Korean language program at 연세대학교. How I wish I can take up a longer course...I have been thinking of taking up this short term language program for the longest time and finally I went for it! Tired of working, I want to experience the life of a student once again.
BTW, I won't be replying any enquiry when I am away. Okie, chao & take care!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

크러쉬 - 잠 못드는 밤

             Loving all the OST in this drama so far and this is my favourite ^^
그래. 내가 요즘 가장 좋아하는 노래.

널 사랑하고 있어요 혹시 내 맘 안보이나요 
부디 멀어지지 말아요 내 눈물이 떨어지려하니까 

나는 너를 기다리고 있어 
같은 자리 같은곳에 있어 겨울지나 봄이 오는것처럼 (with you)

파도처럼 밀려드는 마음 
별빛처럼 쏟아지는 눈물 
내 가슴에 부서져내린다 

왜 날 사랑하지 않을까 (왜 아닐까)
왜 머릿속을 돌아다닐까 (love you)
아무말도 난 할 수 없었겠지만( I don`t wanna cry)

우리집앞에 녹색지붕에
그집에 니가 혹시 살고 있을까 
밤새도록 그 집만 쳐다보는걸 

널 사랑하고 있는데 혹시 내 맘 안보이니 
부디 멀어지지 말아줘 내 눈물이 떨어지려하니까 
자주입던 외투 낡은 갈색의 자 
집에 가는 버스 자주가던 식당 
이 모든것이 다 너에 대한 기억 I remember you 

너의 단골술집 인디들의 노래 
오래된 스웨터 빨간색 목도리 
이모든것이 다 너에 대한 기억 
you know? 

비가 오면 피할곳을 찾듯 
힘이 들면 잠시 쉬어가듯 
너의 뒤를 나 항상 지켜줄텐데(with you) 

시간은 벌써 저녁을 지나 
고요하게 세상은 눈감아 
나 혼자만 널 향한 불면증

나 혼자 외딴섬인가 
아니면 내 마음에 감옥을 또 지었나 
사랑한 죄로 받는 벌이기엔 너무 가혹해 
내 맘을 증오해 
I know it love is pain
파란색 외투속에 구겨놓은 편지 
끝내는 못전할 내 마음의 진실 
외로운 내 빈방 혼자서 고백하는 슬픈 오늘밤 
널 사랑해 

널 사랑하고 있는데 혹시 내 맘 안보이니(보이지 않니)
부디 멀어지지 말아줘 내 눈물이 떨어지려하니까 

Tonight i wanna cry oh lady tell me why 
나 잠못드는 외로운 이밤 

Tonight i wanna cry oh lady tell me why 
널 생각하면 쓸쓸한 이밤

Lyrics extracted from

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

만약에 내가 당신을 정말 좋아한다고 말한다면, 당신은 어떻게 하실 건가요?

당신은 참 가까이 있으면서도 아직은 참 멀리 있네요. 
내가 얼마나 당신을 그리워하는지 모르시나요?

만약에 내가 당신을 정말 좋아한다고 말한다면, 당신은 어떻게 하실 건가요?

나에게서 도망치거나, 나를 피하실 건가요?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Can't wait to watch "괜찮아, 사랑이야"!!! 
I like both the lead actor & actress, especially 조인성 ^^

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ok, I smile to the ending but somehow it feels kinda incomplete..

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I can't wait to watch the last episode of 닥터 이방인 tomorrow!!! Gonna zoom back home straight after work!!!

Friday, 20 June 2014

지금만나러가요 - 닥터 이방인 OST

One of my favourite OST in the drama. 
How I wish I am going to meet you now...

너를 사랑했던 정말 사랑했었던
행복했던 기억들
너의 그 미소도
우리의 사랑도 모두 눈물이되 흘러버렸죠

이젠 아무것도
생각 할수 없어요
그대 없는 하루는
난 참아 왔던 걸요
힘겨웠던 이별
그땐 사랑한다 말못했죠

이제 다시 만나요
우리 다시 만나면
정말 행복하겠죠 오 난
그대가 없으면
난 아무것도 할수가 없어
지금다시 만나러가요

항상 함께했던
그때를 기억하나요
우리둘만에 시간들
그리워 하고 있어요
이제 함께할래요
두번 다시 그댈 놓지 않아요

이제 다시 만나요
우리 다시 만나면
정말 행복하겠죠 오 난
그대가 없으면
난 아무것도 할수가 없어
지금다시 만나러 가요

힘겹게 달리고
또 달려서
이제야 그대가 보이네요
슬픈 두눈에 맺힌 눈물이
내 가슴속에 흘러 내려 울어요

이제 다시만나요
우리 다시만나면
정말 행복하겠죠 오난
그댈 생각하면
난 아무것도 할수가 없어
우리다시 만나요

지금다시 만나러 가요

Lyrics extracted from

Sunday, 15 June 2014

When I miss my second home...

Here are some of my attempts to cook over the past few weeks, recipes with reference from and

      1) 콩나물밥 Kongnamulbap. Recipe with reference Maangchi
I used pork instead of beef since I don't take beef.
I laid the marinated minced pork over the rice. 
Next, I laid the bean sprouts over the pork.
Some people laid the bean sprouts first and followed by the meat.
I prepared the sauce, while the rice, pork and bean sprouts are cooking in the rice cooker.
Its cooked!
I mixed the rice, pork and bean sprouts together.
Garnishing also with reference from Maangchi ㅋㅋㅋ
Add the sauce when ready to eat.
Ermm..that bowl of soup is my attempt to cook 된장 찌개 although it does not look like 된장 찌개 at all ㅋㅋㅋ
Another simple way to eat 콩나물밥 Kongnamulbap without a sunny side up and radish sprouts.
Reference from
Yeap!  Add in the sauce  ^^
This dish is healthy and not difficult to prepare! 

   2) 두부 조림 Tofu Jorim. Recipe with reference from Aeriskitchen
Coat the Tofu with cornstarch and pan fry it.
I realised the sauce is about the same and can be applicable to many dishes!
Yeah. I prepared the sauce and pour it over the fried Tofu.
I didn't add carrots becos I ran out of it. 

 3) 간장 어묵 볶음, GanJang EoMuk BokkEum. Recipe with reference from Aeriskitchen
I tried the spicy version before.  Hence, I attempt the non spicy version this time. 
Oopss! I forgot to add sesame seeds...

    4) 계란찜 Gyeran jjim.  
My all time favourite ^^ 
     5) 해물 김치전 Seafood Kimchi Jeon.  
Adding the chopped kimchi, squid and prawns into the batter.
 I followed the recipe from Aeriskitchen but I added prawns and squid. 
It would be better if I have more Kimchi broth.
Taste ok but I think it can better ^^
I think I don't have the talent to make 전 ㅠㅠ but I will not give up. 


Thursday, 12 June 2014

둥지 에서 점심식사

I met up with the couple for lunch two weeks ago.
We went to 둥지 at East Coast Road. 
The place was quiet on a Sunday afternoon.
So excited to see so many Korean food on the menu ^^
우리 모두가 먹고 싶어!!

Lunch set was rather affordable ^^
Free flow of banchan. 
This 해물 파전 seafood pancake smells really good but no pancake can be on par (so far) with the ones from 낙서파전I can only tell myself to lower my expectation whenever I eat 해물 파전...
We are great fans of 감자탕 Gamjatang but we were also looking towards to their seafood hotpot. It was a tough decision trying to have the best of both ㅋㅋㅋ
In the end, we decided to order a single portion of 감자탕 Gamjatang, which I thought its rare to see in single serving. We found two or maybe three potatoes in such a small pot! The meat was pretty generous as well but we just can't identify the taste that we miss so badly ㅠㅠ  This 감자탕 Gamjatang does not taste like gamjatang at all but it was still a decent tasty soup..The soup does not come with rice. You got to order the rice separately. I thought that was strange. 
Yeah!! We were aiming for this! I think this 해물전골 seafood hot pot is very popular becos of its generous serving of seafood at a much affordable price($39.50). 
We felt this pot of soup is enough for three person without ordering other dishes.
A very satisfying lunch at SGD $30 per person.
No dinner for me that day cos I was too full. 

둥지 also have 닭도리당 which is also my favourite!!!
I will come back again for 닭도리당!!!