Tuesday, 29 November 2016

12 Nov 2016 - First meal back home!

Heading out for lunch before going to 백양사 Baegyangsa ^^
So hungry because I did not have time for breakfast since I touched down.
The motel's 아줌마 ajumma recommended an eatery that specialized in Gamjatang.
The eatery was about 3 mins walk away from the motel and directly opposite the Jeongeup train station.
This was the place which ajumma had recommended, 원조감자탕.
(Took this picture at night)

  1. 뼈해장국 Haejangguk 7000won
  2. 바지락칼국수 Clams soup noodle 6000won
  3. 김치전골 Kimchi stew 7000won
  4. 시래기된장국 Dried radish soup 5000won
I ordered 뼈해장국 Haejangguk. So far from my experience, eateries that specialize in Gamjatang will put 뼈해장국 Haejangguk instead of Gamjatang for one person portion on their menu.  
Honestly speaking, I did not feel this was as good as what 아줌마 ajumma had recommended. Gamjatang is my all time favourite Korean food and the taste for this soup was not as strong as what I had expected. Well, it was ok but somehow I felt it lacked something. Nevertheless, it warmed my tummy from the cold weather ^^
My weakness.....rice in soup...

Monday, 28 November 2016

12 Nov 2015 - New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔

From Jeongeup Station, I crossed the road and walked over to my accommodation.
That's my accommodation, New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔. It took me about 3 mins from the station to reach the motel. Well, I booked this place not because it is very good but becos the staff can speak Mandarin.  I think its quite popular among Taiwanese tourists?  I emailed to them via kis5370@naver.com and also left my enquiry on their websithttp://www.newprincemotel.com/
They took slightly more than 1 week to reply my email in Mandarin(even though I emailed to them in English).  I checked their website whether they replied my enquiry but I gave up after checking for a week.  In the end, my Korean friend helped me to call.  They requested for payment and I transferred the payment to them.  All I need was to bring the documents that I have transferred the payment and also mentioned my contact number during check in.
뉴프린스 관광 모텔 New Prince Tourism Motel  
보보스모텔 Bobos Motel is nearby New Prince Tourism Motel.
 In fact, there were a few motels near the train stations but I think they do not have any English websites. 

My room is on the 6th floor.

It was quite a spacious room for 1 person.
Switches for the lightings

It was quite a comfortable stay. Housekeeping is everyday.  On the whole, I find the room quite ok but a bit expensive because I came during the peak period(Foliage was at the peak).  I paid 90,000 per room per nite without breakfast.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

12 Nov 2016 - 도착

I took the express train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station becos I need to deposit my luggage there before making my way out of Seoul. I will be staying in Hongdae when I am in Seoul. I chose to deposit my luggage at the Premium Pass Travel center in Seoul Station becos they open at 8am. The ones in Hongdae open later.

Information and pictures are easily available online eg Theseoulguide Indeed taking the express train was much more comfortable as you will be guaranteed with a seat. In addition, you need not faced the crowds unlike the all stop train especially after a 6 hours flight journey, I need a peaceful rest. I did not book the ticket in advance cos just in case there was some delay.  I bought the ticket at Incheon Airport and showed them my Asiana boarding pass to enjoy a discount for the train ticket.

Just a side note, I bought my EG sim card from Changi Airport before my flight.  The staff activated for me(just before the queue built up. Phew).  I have always used EG sim card during my trip but this time, I couldn't have any access to data until maybe half a day later when I reached Korea.  I experienced no data access twice for more than half a day.  Eg Sim card was unable to give me an answer as well. 

From Seoul Station, I took the subway to Yongsan Station to take KTX to Jeongeup Station. Oh! I still have not mention where I was heading to. I was heading to Jeongeup for Naejangsan ^^  My KTX train departed from Yongsan Station at 9.50am and reached Jeongeup Station at 11.24am.

안녕 정읍!!

Good and bad news

Bad news :
Dunno why all the pictures in my camera were gone!!! Wth...feel like crying sia...
I can only depend on the pictures taken from my hp but its limited. Should I be glad that I need not do so many updates now...hur.....

Good news :
Managed to restore my laptop.

Back in Sg


Have not returned  to my second home for almost a year but everything felt most comfortable as before.  So surprised that my legs can bring me to where I wanna go without referring much to the map.

Three things I wanna share:

1) I used to see most Koreans in round frame glasses but for this trip, I saw there were quite a few wearing rectangular frame glasses.
2) I was attended by young Koreans in some shops and eating places who could speak English more fluently than my previous trips.  Maybe they were doing part time jobs while schooling?? Hahahah its just a wild guess but I am happy to see more Koreans speaking English.
3) Some eating places which I have visited in my previous trips have closed down.

Well, I was back on 24th Nov nite and unpacked my luggage till around 3am.  Why so long?  Cos I stared at my luggage for a long time, not knowing how and where  to start. The moment I touched down, I received calls and messages from my colleagues.  They must be very happy that I am back and I dread to think of the amount of work waiting for me. Really hate the sight of my staff pass.  I am thankful to have a few great buddies to cover my work during my vacations but I know they are also burnt out by now.  Many thanks to them for covering me during my absence.

Still feeling the fatigue.  I guess age is catching up on me ㅋㅋㅋ  My room is still in a mess with all my purchases and I only feel like sleeping.Tomorrow is another battle day at work.  I will work hard to play hard for my next trip back home!! 힘!!!!   화이팅!!

Bear with me for my super slow updates as I work till quite late almost everyday.  By the time, I reach home, I only want to throw myself on bed watching all my favourite Korean dramas.  I also want to apologise for not being able to reply you before and during my trip. I was working till the last minute before my flight..

**My lapstop shut down on its own suddenly when I was typing this post.  I tried to restart a few times but it couldn't.  I typed this last sentence using my Galaxy Tab and it was so hard...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

11 Nov ~ 24 Nov 2016

Counting down to my trip back home once again. Why I feel like haven't been home for so many years??? Why I feel that I will lost touch with the surroundings at home??????????

Its a short trip this time....at least to me it is a very short trip since I have not gone back for so long.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

준수 – How Can I Love You 태양의 후예

Think many people are like me now....dealing with post withdrawal symptoms for this drama.  This is only normal.  Every beginning has an ending. At least this drama has a happy and funny ending ^^  Looking forward to the 3 days special but sometimes I wish there is no special release cos that will extend my post withdrawal symptoms..

Saturday, 26 March 2016

케이윌 - 말해! 뭐해?

This got to be my favorite OST from this drama. I need no words to describe my feelings for 캡틴 유, who he has captured the hearts of zillions ever since ep 1 was aired.  Our 빅보스 has become an international heartthrob for the zillion ladies (including me of course) as well as the no. 1 enemy for many guys ㅋㅋㅋ  I love Big Boss *wink*

아무 말 없이 내게서
커져만 가는 게
아무래도 이대론 안 되겠어
어쩌다 내가 이렇게
네게 빠진 건지
이유를 나도 모르겠어

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
뭘 해도 신경도 쓰이고
뭘 해도 궁금해지고

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
oh 어떡해 나
자꾸만 생각이나

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
이러다가 바보처럼
한 눈 팔게 하지 말고
말해볼래 말해볼래
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one

너무나 사랑을 해도
눈물 난다는 게
그런 말이 나 이해가 되지 않아
하지만 그댈 본 순간
두 눈 가득 고인
눈물이 사랑인 것 같아

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
뭘 해도 신경도 쓰이고
뭘 해도 궁금해지고

난 너 하나만 생각해
이렇게 난
자꾸만 입 맞추고

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
이러다가 바보처럼
한눈팔게 하지 말고
말해볼래 말해볼래
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one

내 모든 게 서툴다 해도
네 곁에 나 머물고만 싶어지는 게
사랑일까 사랑일 거야
너의 너의 남자 되고 싶어

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
내게 오는 사랑은
다 그대라는 이름인걸
말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Seoul to Provide Free Wi-Fi at All Public Places

I think this is so cool! 

"Aside from making the city more competitive in the digital era, city officials also plan to put effort into helping more vulnerable citizens. Children or elderly people with dementia will be provided smart wristbands that will transmit their location to smartphones of their family and guardians. 
Should the wearer venture outside a preset zone, an alert will sound. Those from low-income households will be able to receive the devices at no cost."

News extracted from english.chosun.com
치즈 인 더 트랩 Ep 14 - Best part was where 권은택 and 장보라 finally become a couple ^^ I like 권은택 character. Straight forward like a man ㅋㅋㅋ