Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 April 2015 - Mom's Touch 맘스터치

My morning starts with breakfast or rather brunch at Mom's Touch 맘스터치 ^^
Have wanted to try out Mom's Touch for so long and finally I got the chance!
The unique wrapping left a deep impression in me.
My Canju mango sauce fried chicken burger!
Super tasty and juicy chicken!!

The burger at Mom's Touch tasted so much better than the burgers from Lotteria!! We came here again at night for supper after my friends heard me raving about its burger. We saw people eating fried chicken which looked so damn delicious! Please try Mom's Touch if you come across it. I think Mom's Touch has outlets in Seoul as well but not as commonly seen as compared in Busan.
I think they opened around 10.30am??
They do not have a breakfast menu. 

BTW, this outlet is about 2 mins walk from Angel Hotel.

4 April 2015 - Yummilicious dinner!

Dinner time at 닭치누!
I couldn't find the map for this place but it was about 3 mins walk from Angel hotel.
Didn't expect it to be fried chicken but this looks really good! Menu in Korean. So sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the menu but I think this was the first dish on the menu.
So cheesy ㅋㅋㅋ
This fried rice was so damn good!!
Super pleased with our dinner!
Try this place if you happen to see it ^^

4 April 2015 - Tea break at 첼시 카페 Chelsea Cafe

We decided to have a tea break in this cafe.

We preferred outdoor seating to indoor seating.
Indoor seating.

I loved my rose tea ^^
We thought black sesame cake sounds unique but actually it tasted normal.
Dry and nothing fantastic...

4 April 2015 - Mission failed ㅠㅠ

After lunch, we walked towards to our next destination, 달맞이길 Dalmaji-gil for some cherry blossoms. It was so darn freaking cold to walk past the beach and the sky looked gloomy. Hoped it does not rain...
Making our way to 달맞이길 Dalmaji-gil and stumbled upon something as shown by the arrow.
We stumbled upon this abandoned railway track ^^
Nice discovery lol

We decided not to continue walking along the railway track but to take a shortcut via a dirty stairway up(right side but not shown here)

Haeundae beach on the far right hand side.
Pretty cherry blossoms lining up the road ^^

We saw some walking trail (as shown by the yellow) and decided to check it out.

It started to drizzle and we decided to get out of here...

That's the railway track we saw earlier on!!
We decided to turn back as it started raining heavily..
So sad that we had to turn back ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

4 April 2015 - Tasty seafood soup 해물탕 for lunch

We took the subway to Haeundae Station for seafood hotpot lunch. Unfortunately, the place we wanted to try was closed, so we walked towards Haeundae Beach to search for our seafood hotpot 해물탕. Yes! We still want to have our 해물탕!

We found this eatery by chance. It was on a small street before crossing the road to the beach. The small street was lined with two rows of eateries selling the same food, seafood hotpot ^^ No idea which one is better, we simply hoped into one with the most customers. The nearest landmark I can think of is the Busan sea life aquarium, which was a few mins walk away.
Sorry, I didn't manage to take any photos of the eatery becos we were basically rushing to get into the eatery to avoid the cold strong wind.
We thought we saw the octopus's arms moving ....
Very flavourful hot soup to warm ourselves before we braved the cold strong wind again!
There were three of us and we are not allowed to order the small pot (30000 won).
Ours was the medium size 해물탕 seafood hotpot which cost 40000.

4 April 2015 - Getting to 희여울길 Huinnyeoul Culture Village

After a hearty breakfast , we took the subway to Busan Station, exit 10 for bus to 희여울길 Huinnyeoul Culture Village. 
Directions given by KTO :
From Busan station  :  No. 508 -> Alight at "영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment".
From Busan Station  :  No. 85 / No. 82 -> Alight at "이송도곡각지 Yee-Songdo-Gokakji" (20mins) and walk for about 507m (6mins)
From Nampo Station : Bus 7, 70, 71 or 508 -> Alight at "
영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment".
Many thanks to KTO who provided me with this map. I was told by KTO that you will have to cross the road to get to the bus stop if you are coming from the Busan KTX train station. 
I only saw bus no. 508 and 85 at this "Busan Station" bus stop. 
Didn't notice about bus no. 82.

Bus 508 came along at 10.53am and we reached this bus stop, "영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment" at 11.13am.
You don't have to cross the road to get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village. The mural village is just behind these low rise buildings(on your left with the traffic against your flow of direction on your right). Passed through the mural village and you will see the beautiful ocean unfolds right in front of you ^^

The bus stop, "영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment" is somewhere in the middle of Huinnyeoul Culture Village(as shown by the red circle).  The "red flag" indicates the starting point and the "blue flag" is probably the ending point(maybe). We did not ventured our way to the point shown by the "Blue flag".  We merely took a stroll along the dotted line as shown in the picture.
Behind the village lies the ocean.

We were so excited at the first sight of the ocean and totally forgotten to explore the village ㅠㅠ

Took our breathe away.........
The view was simply stunning!
Saw the walking track below?
That's where we took our stroll as shown by the dotted line mentioned above.
These households can really enjoy awesome seaview at all times!!

Making our way down to the walking track.

Its not a very long walking track and it felt so good to be HERE!!!
I think I could sit here for a long long time if the weather is not cold!
The reason why we did not venture to the spot marked by the "blue flag" becos we need to take this colourful stairs up in order to get there. We saw many Koreans taking the stairs up but not sure where it led to. You can try and let me know ^^
We walked down to the spot marked by the "red flag" mentioned earlier.
희여울길 Huinnyeoul Culture Village is not a big place and a really nice place to spend about 1.5 hours here ^^
To go back to Busan station or Nampo station, you need to cross the road to take your bus. We waited for our bus at this bus stop, "부산보건고" is not visible from the bus stop, "영선아파트 Yongseon Apartment" and its located at a road junction...
Buildings diagonally across the bus stop, "부산보건고".
The arrow shows the direction where we came from...
Oh, this bus stop has 82, 85 and 508.
We got on bus no. 82 at 12.18pm and reached Busan Station at 12.36pm.
If I did not remember wrongly, the bus made a stop outside the Lotte Dept in Nampo too (I think so).