Saturday, 21 November 2015

17 Oct 2015 - Taste like home cooked dinner ^^

So happy to see 감나무집 has an outlet here in Hongdae!!
I went to the main outlet in Yeonnam Dong last year becos I heard it was a popular eatery in Yeonnam-dong.
They have English translations for their menu unlike the outlet in Yeonnam-dong.
This grilled fish set meal tasted so much like home cooked food ^^
I love every bite of it!!
The fish was so delicious and no fishy smell at all!
Wow...they even provide a piece of mini cheesecake as dessert ^^
The direction is the same as getting to 향미.
It will take about 8 mins from the nearest subway station, Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.
Please come here for a meal when you are in Hongdae!!
I reached here at about 6pm and not long later, there was a long queue forming at the entrance..

17 Oct 2015 - Checking out 커먼그라운드 Common Ground

I took the subway to Konkuk Univ Station, exit 6 for 커먼그라운드 Common Ground.

I think I would prefer to come here in the evening.
The ambiance would be good.

A small scale Saturday flea market...
The best thing that happened for this trip to Common Ground was this piece of Orea cake lol The building looks interesting and fun but nothing much to see and the merchandise were quite expensive.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

16 Oct 2015 - Pork Jjigae for dinner

Dinner time!

I went for "2 chillies".
Wanted to order spam as well but decided to gave it a miss ㅠㅠ
Star shaped egg and free flow of seaweed  ^^
Spicy shiok!!
I chose level 2 for my spicy level. It was really spicy...but sooo delicious!! The meat was not tender but not surprising becos so far, all the pork jjigae that I have tried was not tender as well. Nevertheless, it was a really delicious meal. The gravy with rice was an awesome combination ^^ On a side note, I went to Masizzim(Singapore) last Saturday and opted for spicy level 2. It was not spicy at all to me.... I guess I can't use my experience in Korea as a benchmark for the Korean restaurant in Singapore.
Nearest station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
The map I had was inaccurate but if I did not remember wrongly, 밥장인 was located somewhere along the stretch as shown on the map.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

16 Oct 2015 - So in love with this place ^^

I was looking around for a nice place to have brunch and decided to settle on this place.
It has two storey.
Open : 10:30am
Close : 3am

A flower cafe indeed ^^

행복에 ^^
They only have this for brunch. The original dish has beef in it and I requested to remove the beef but the chef was very kind to replace the beef with pork ^^  감사합니다  쉐프 ^^  So in love with the ambiance here. I will come back again to try their cakes and drinks! Btw, they also have those candy floss drinks ㅋㅋㅋ
Nearest subway station would be Sangsu Station, exit 1.
I think it takes around 6 mins from exit 1 to reach the cafe.

15 Oct 2015 - 치맥 by the river

After shopping, I went to 맘스터치 Mom's Touch at Gubanpo to grab some fried chicken.
It takes about 5 mins from Gubanpo station, exit 3 to reach 맘스터치 Mom's Touch.
Yeap. Thereafter, I went back to my favourite place in Seoul.
This place will always hold a special meaning in my heart.
I dunno when I will be back again...seriously.
Enjoying 치맥 by the river.
I decided to take a bus from this bus stop back to my apartment.
Taking a bus from here is more convenient and faster than taking the subway. 
Some Sevit is opposite the bus stop as shown by the arrow.
Bus stop is called Banpo Hangang Park.
I got off at Donggyodong Samgeori bus stop.
 It was also the same bus stop which I took bus to Ansan during my Spring trip.  

Oh!! I forgot what bus number I took...
Only one bus from Banpo Hangang Park stop I think..
Oh dear..I also forgot to note the duration of the bus journey...
Maybe around 35mins??
The bus also passed by Sinchon.