Sunday, 23 October 2016

11 Nov ~ 24 Nov 2016

Counting down to my trip back home once again.  Why I feel like haven't been home for so many years??? Why I feel that I will lost touch with the surroundings at home??????????

Its a short trip this least to me it is a very short trip since I have not gone back for so long.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

준수 – How Can I Love You 태양의 후예

Think many people are like me now....dealing with post withdrawal symptoms for this drama.  This is only normal.  Every beginning has an ending. At least this drama has a happy and funny ending ^^  Looking forward to the 3 days special but sometimes I wish there is no special release cos that will extend my post withdrawal symptoms..

Saturday, 26 March 2016

케이윌 - 말해! 뭐해?

This got to be my favorite OST from this drama. I need no words to describe my feelings for 캡틴 유, who he has captured the hearts of zillions ever since ep 1 was aired.  Our 빅보스 has become an international heartthrob for the zillion ladies (including me of course) as well as the no. 1 enemy for many guys ㅋㅋㅋ  I love Big Boss *wink*

아무 말 없이 내게서
커져만 가는 게
아무래도 이대론 안 되겠어
어쩌다 내가 이렇게
네게 빠진 건지
이유를 나도 모르겠어

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
뭘 해도 신경도 쓰이고
뭘 해도 궁금해지고

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
oh 어떡해 나
자꾸만 생각이나

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
이러다가 바보처럼
한 눈 팔게 하지 말고
말해볼래 말해볼래
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one

너무나 사랑을 해도
눈물 난다는 게
그런 말이 나 이해가 되지 않아
하지만 그댈 본 순간
두 눈 가득 고인
눈물이 사랑인 것 같아

넌 왜 내게서 맴돌아
뭘 해도 신경도 쓰이고
뭘 해도 궁금해지고

난 너 하나만 생각해
이렇게 난
자꾸만 입 맞추고

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
이러다가 바보처럼
한눈팔게 하지 말고
말해볼래 말해볼래
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one

내 모든 게 서툴다 해도
네 곁에 나 머물고만 싶어지는 게
사랑일까 사랑일 거야
너의 너의 남자 되고 싶어

말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
내게 오는 사랑은
다 그대라는 이름인걸
말해! 뭐해? 말해! 뭐해?
나의 맘에 담긴 사람
you are my only one 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Seoul to Provide Free Wi-Fi at All Public Places

I think this is so cool! 

"Aside from making the city more competitive in the digital era, city officials also plan to put effort into helping more vulnerable citizens. Children or elderly people with dementia will be provided smart wristbands that will transmit their location to smartphones of their family and guardians. 
Should the wearer venture outside a preset zone, an alert will sound. Those from low-income households will be able to receive the devices at no cost."

News extracted from
치즈 인 더 트랩 Ep 14 - Best part was where 권은택 and 장보라 finally become a couple ^^ I like 권은택 character. Straight forward like a man ㅋㅋㅋ

Sunday, 14 February 2016

치즈인더트랩 OST - 너와 나의 시간은

Another favorite from the drama ^^ 

아직은 말하지 못했어
음 너를 보며 나는
아무 일도 없는 듯이
아무 관심 없는 듯이
그렇게 지냈어
난 사실 널 바래온 시간을
버텨온 사람이라고
네 스치는 눈빛에 차가운 미소에
가끔 나는 숨이 차오르곤 해
자꾸만 엇갈려만 가는
음 너와 나의 시간들
너는 마치 밤하늘에 떠오르길
바래보는 내 안의 태양 같아
난 사실 널 바래온 시간을
버텨온 사람이라고
네 스치는 눈빛에 차가운 미소에
가끔 나는 숨이 차오르곤 해
이 작은 떨림도 순간의 설렘도
선물이 돼 다시 널 보게 해
버리지 못한 건 내 마음뿐인데
온 세상은 너로 가득 차
나 사실 널 바래온 시간을
버텨온 사람이라고
네 스치는 눈빛에 차가운 미소에
나는 아직 네게 가지못해

Lyrics extracted from

[치즈인더트랩 OST] 강현민 - Such (Feat. 조현아 of 어반자카파)

So much love for the OST in this drama ^^
I especially like 홍설 a lot, don't you ag
유정 & 홍설 look so nice together as a couple!
I almost jumped with joy when 유정 suddenly popped the question to 홍설, "설아, 나랑 사귈래?" 
Dunno why I am so happy  ㅎㅎㅎ

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

26 Oct 2015 - 안녕 My beloved second home

Of course, how can I forget my Dunkin Donuts when in my second home ^^
Hmm....Breakfast before heading out to the airport.
Surprisingly, there's no queue at the tax refund counter!
Really good to see that they provide chairs & workstations for the staff at the tax refund kiosk.
Salute the staff for their patience in handling all kinds of tourists...if you know what I mean.

25 Oc 2015 - 미미네떡볶이에서 저녁 식사

The second night of 씨엔 블루 콘서트 continued ^^
I got the standing ticket for the second night.

Talented guy ^^

Towards the end of the concert, a lot of fans heck care & took out their HP to take pictures.
And the crews were busy shouting no photograph taking(in Korean)
Thank you guys!
Such a high & happening performance!!
I had a fantastic weekend before flying back to SG. No sign of depression this time becos I am very thankful to be able to catch 2 nites of awesome performances in my second home ^^
Went back to Hongdae for dinner at 미미네떡볶 before some last minute shopping!
Pass by this place so many times and it got me curious ㅋㅋㅋ
Waiting for my food..
Yeah..I'm not a fan of Tteokbokki but I felt I got to eat some before flying back.
Hmmm...This was ok but I still prefer the one at 용산포장마차골목 Yongsan Pojangmacha.
미미네떡볶 is in the middle of Hapjeong Station, exit 3 and Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.

25 Oct 2015 - Budae Jjigae for lunch

Came to Biya for lunch before going for 씨엔 블루 콘서트 second day concert.
So excited that I didn't really have any appetite.
But I had to eat for energy to stand during the concert ㅋㅋㅋ
Yeap.  I bought standing ticket for their second day concert.
Anyway, I was also quite happy to see Biya offers single serving of Budae Jjigae.
Always wanted to try the food here and finally, I had the chance.
You can request to add cheese, sausages, tteok, tangmyeon, ramyeon or mandu at additional price.
The place was filled up shortly after I was seated.
Omggg...Can't wait to eat!!
I did not request for any extra ingredients.
Ramyeon was already included in my order.
It may not be the best Budae Jjigae I have ever ate but this was pretty decent.
I like the service hahaha
Very attentive cute young Korean boys lol 
The cute Korea waiter asked what drink I would like to have.
He said, "Service"!!
와 고마워 ^^
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.
Biya is located at the basement.